Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) successfully conducted CSAT on 24 August 2014.

CSAT 2014 Paper - I Analysis

CSAT 2014 Paper 1 was easier than the 2013 Civil Services Preliminary Paper 1. Geography, Ecology and Environment constituted almost one-third of the paper. There were only 6 questions from Economy this year. Also, this time there were just 4 questions from Modern Indian History.

Questions from Science, especially from Biology, Ecology & Environment were conceptual in nature. Questions from Art & Culture have been increasing in number over the last three years. This trend continued this year too with 13 questions asked from this area. The difficulty level of questions ranged from moderate to difficult.

In paper - I, there were total 100 questions. Topic-wise braekup is given below:

  1. History: 8
  2. Art and Culture: 13
  3. Polity: 13
  4. Geography: 15
  5. Economy: 6
  6. Science and Tech: 17
  7. Ecology and Environment: 17
  8. Social Welfare Schemes: 4
  9. Current Affairs: 7

63 questions were either matching-pair based or multiple statement based and thus needed more than a single piece of information to solve them. Though these questions looked simple at first glance, the options were quite close and hence, the questions were not easy.

CSAT 2014 Paper - II Analysis

First of all, Decision Making questions were completely absent from this paper. Questions in this year's paper were also lengthier than last year's questions. 

Quantitative Aptitude questions and Reasoning questions in this year's paper were tougher than last year's questions from these areas. 26 questions from Reading Comprehension were present in the paper. There were total 74 questions excluding 6 RC questions not to be attempted. Breakup of Civil Services prelims Paper - II is given below:

  1. Reading Comprehension: 26
  2. Critical Reasoning: 6
  3. Analytical Reasoning: 16
  4. Quantitative Aptitude: 16
  5. Data Interpretation: 6
  6. Non-verbal Reasoning: 4

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