General English: Ordering of Words (Part-2)

Directions: In each question, there is a sentence of which some parts have been jumbled up. Rearrange these parts to form the correct sentence.

Question 1

When it began to rain suddenly on the first of January

  • P: to celebrate the new year
  • Q: we ran for shelter
  • R: to the neighbouring house
  • S: where many people had gathered

The Proper sequence should be:

  • A. PRSQ
  • B. PSQR
  • C. QRSP
  • D. QRPS
Question 2

It is easy to excuse

  • P: but it is hard
  • Q: in a boy of fourteen
  • R: the mischief of early childhood
  • S: to tolerate even unavoidable faults

The Proper sequence should be:

  • A. RPSQ
  • B. QRPS
  • C. RPQS
  • D. QRSP
Question 3

We must read

  • P: if we want to absorb the fruits of great literature
  • Q: but with concentration
  • R: them not as we do cricket stories
  • S: undefined

The Proper sequence should be:

  • A. PSQR
  • B. QPSR
  • C. PRQS
  • D. PRSQ
Question 4

Since the beginning of history

  • P: have managed to catch
  • Q: the Eskimos and Red Indians
  • R: by a very difficulty method
  • S: a few specimens of this aquatic animal

The Proper sequence should be:

  • A. QPSR
  • B. SQPR
  • C. SQRP
  • D. QRPS
Question 5

Education is

  • P: of the proper sense of responsibilities
  • Q: the first need
  • R: in a citizen
  • S: for the development

The Proper sequence should be:

  • A. QSRP
  • B. PQRS
  • C. SQPR
  • D. QSPR


  1. D
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. D