General English: Synonyms #1

Each of the following items consists of a sentence following by four words or groups of words. Select the synonym of the word (occurring in the sentence in capital letters) as per the context

1. One must live life with DIGNITY.

  • (a) Nobility
  • (b) Eminence
  • (c) Honour
  • (d) Rank

2. Europe, America and Japan have taken to the field of science with SINGULAR vigour and activity.

  • (a) Peculiar
  • (b) Outstanding
  • (C) Familier
  • (d) single

3. Our age is preeminently an AGE of science.

  • (a) Era
  • (b) Date
  • (c) Generation
  • (d) Moment

4. Ant is believed to be the most INDUSTRIOUS Creature.

  • (a) Sensible
  • (b) Sucessful
  • (c) Diligent
  • (d) Punctual

5. The schools insist on giving WHOLESOME food to the Children forthe proper grovvih of their mind and body.

  • (a) WhoIe Crops
  • (b) Nourishing
  • (c) Fit
  • (d) Sound

6. As l look around l see the crumbling ruins of a proud Civilization strewn like a vast heap of FUTILITY.

  • (a) lrrelevanoe
  • (b) Absurdity
  • (c) Pointlessness
  • (d) Downtrodden

7. Mark Antony’s EULOGY of Caesar is finely recorded by Shakespeare in his 

  • (a) Prayer
  • (b) Honour
  • (c) Praise
  • (d) Denunoiation

8. By 1918, Gandhiji had established himself as a leader with UNIQUE way of protesting exploitation and injustice.

  • (a) Different
  • (b) Exceptional
  • (c) Excellent
  • (d) Good

9. Your INTERVENTlON was required.

  • (a) Interference
  • (b) Interruption
  • (c) Disturbance
  • (d) Connection

10. It is difficult to DISCERN the sample on the slide without adjusting the microscope.

  • (a) Discard
  • b) Arrange
  • (c) Determine
  • (d) Debate


  1. (c)
  2. (a)
  3. (a)
  4. (c)
  5. (b)
  6. (c)
  7. (c)
  8. (b)
  9. (a)
  10. (c)