UPSC Analytical Reasoning #1

1. Gita is prettier than Sita but not as pretty as Rita. Then,

  • (a) Sita is not as pretty as Gita.
  • (b) Sita is prettier than Rita.
  • (c) Rita is not as pretty as Gita.
  • (d) Gita is prettier than Rita.

2. Examine the following statements:

  1. Rama scored more than Rani.
  2. Rani scored less than Ratna.
  3. Ratna scored more than Rama.
  4. Padma scored more than Rama but less than Ratna.

Who scored the highest?

  • (a) Rama
  • (b) Padma
  • (c) Rani
  • (d) Ratna

3. Given that

  1. A is the brother of B.
  2. C is the father of A.
  3. D is the brother of E.
  4. E is the daughter of B.

Then, the uncle of D is

  • (a) A
  • (b) B
  • (c) C
  • (d) E

4. Only six roads A, B, C, P, Q, and R connect a military camp to the rest of the country. Only one out of A, P and R is open at any one time. If B is closed so is Q. Only one of A and B is open during storms. P is closed during floods. In this context, which one is the following statements is correct?

  • (a) Under normal conditions only three roads are open.
  • (b) During storms at least one road is open.
  • (c) During floods only three roads are open.
  • (d) During calamities all roads are closed.

5. In five flats, one above the other, live five professionals. The professor has to go up to meet his IAS officer friend. The doctor is equally friendly to all, and has to go up as frequently as go down. The engineer has to go up to meet his MLA friend above whose flat lives the professor’s friend. From the ground floor to the top floor, in which order do the five professionals live?

  • (a) Engineer, Professor, Doctor, IAS officer, MLA
  • (b) Professor, Engineer, Doctor, IAS officer, MLA
  • (c) IAS officer, Engineer, Doctor, Professor, MLA
  • (d) Professor, Engineer, Doctor, MLA, IAS officer

6. Three persons A, B and C wore shirts of black, blue and orange colours (not, necessarily in that order) and pants of green, yellow and orange colours (not necessarily in that order). No person wore shirt and pants of the same colour. Further, it is given that

  1. A did not wear shirt of black colour.
  2. B did not wear shirt of blue colour.
  3. C did not wear shirt of orange colour.
  4. A did not wear pants of green colour.
  5. B wore pants of orange colour.

What were the colours of the pants and shirt worn by C, respectively?

  • (a) Orange and black
  • (b) Green and blue
  • (c) Yellow and blue
  • (d) Yellow and black

7. Mr. Kumar drives to work at an average speed of 48 km per hour. The time taken to cover the first 60% of the distance is 10 minutes more than the time taken to cover the remaining distance. How far is his office?

  • (a) 30 km
  • (b) 40 km
  • (c) 45 km
  • (d) 48 km

8. Two glasses of equal volume are respectively half and three-fourths filled with milk. They are then filled to the brim by adding water. Their contents are then poured into another vessel. What will be the ratio of milk to water in this vessel?

  • (a) 1:3
  • (b) 2:3
  • (c) 3:2
  • (d) 5:3
(Above questions were asked in CSAT 2012 Paper II)


  1. (a)
  2. (d)
  3. (a)
  4. (b)
  5. (d)
  6. (b)
  7. (b)
  8. (d)