UPSC IFoS 2014 General Knowledge Questions

Exam Analysis

Maximum Marks is 300. Each question is of 12.5 marks.

All the questions have to be attempted.


1. History

  • a. How did Buddhism influence Asoka in decision making and governance?
  • b. Discuss the efforts and strategy of Akbar towards social harmony.
  • c. Describe the salient features of Chola art.
  • d. Assess the importance of Champaran Satyagraha.

2. Economy

  • a. Discuss the objectives of Prime Minister's Jan-Dhan Yojana. What challenges do you foresee in its implementation?
  • b. What are the reasons for persistent high rate of food inflation in India?
  • c. Explain demographic dividend and its relevance to India.
  • d. Discuss the recommendations of Rangarajan panel on the estimates of poverty in India.

3. Environment

  • a. What do you understand by Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Impact Assessment?
  • b. Discuss the causes of the recent devastating floods in Jammu and Kashmir. How do they compare with those of Uttarakhand disaster last year?
  • c. What do you understand by soil erosion? Discuss its causes.
  • d. What are wet-lands? Discuss their importance.

4. Polity

  • a. How is the federal structure of Indian Constitution ensured?
  • b. What do you understand by "minimum government and maximum governance"?
  • c. Explain the Right of Constitutional Remedies given in the Indian Constitution.
  • d. How is a money bill different than a financial bill?

5. International Relations

  • a. Discuss the role of UNHRC in Indian perspective.
  • b. Comment on Israel-Palestinian conflict.
  • c. What are the objectives of European union?
  • d. Write a note on Indo-Japanese collaboration.

6. Science & Technology

  • a. Comment on "Digital India Programme".
  • b. What do you understand by Nano technology? How is it critical in context with Indian food industry?
  • c. How is Indian mission of Mars different than that of other countries in recent past?
  • d. How is Cryogenics different from Cryonics?