UPSC Practice Questions

1. With reference to the religious history of medieval India, the Sufi mystics were known to pursue which of the following practices?

  • 1. Meditation and control of breath
  • 2. Severe ascetic exercises in a lonely place
  • 3. Recitation of holy songs to arouse a state of ecstasy in their audience

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

  1. 1, 2 and 3
  2. 3 only
  3. 2 and 3 only
  4. 1 and 2 only

1. In which one among the following categories of protected areas in India are local people not allowed to collect and use the biomass?

  1. Wildlife Sanctuaries
  2. Wetlands declared under Ramsar Convention
  3. Biosphere Reserves
  4. National Parks

Civil Services Main Questions

Essay Topics

Here's complete list of essay topics asked in UPSC Civil Services Main Exam from 1993 to 2013.

1. Chinook is a:

  1. cold wind in Europe
  2. tropical desert storm in West Asia
  3. warm wind in North America
  4. depression in South Africa

CDS Questions

1. Plants contain a variety of sterols like stigmasterol, ergosterol, sitosterol etc., Which very closely resemble cholesterol. These plant sterols are referred as:

(a) Phytosterols
(b) Calciferols
(c) Ergocalciferols
(d) Lumisterols

Directions: In each question, there is a sentence of which some parts have been jumbled up. Rearrange these parts to form the correct sentence.

Directions: In each question, there is a sentence of which some parts have been jumbled up. Rearrange these parts to form the correct sentence.

All the questions were compulsary. No option was available.

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

Question 1

What do you understand by ‘Ethical Human Conduct’? In what way is it important to be ethical along with being professionally competent?

NDA Questions

The UPSC conducted the NDA & NA (II) 2017 Exam on 10 September 2017. The exam consisted of two papers - Mathematics and General Ability Test (GAT). The GAT consisted of 150 Questions and included two sections - English and General Knowledge.

CSAT Questions

Decision making questions describe a situation followed by four possible responses. You have to indicate most appropriate response. There is no penalty of wrong answers, so you must attempt all these questions. These questions are part of CSAT Paper 2.

Each of the following sentences has a blank space and four words are given after the sentence. Select the most appropriate word for the blank space.

1. Gita is prettier than Sita but not as pretty as Rita. Then,

  • (a) Sita is not as pretty as Gita.
  • (b) Sita is prettier than Rita.
  • (c) Rita is not as pretty as Gita.
  • (d) Gita is prettier than Rita.

The Union Public Service Commission conducted the Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC) exam on 10 January, 2016.

CSAT Questions

Directions for the following 6 (six) items: Read the following two passages and answer the items that follow each passage. Your answers to these items should be based on the passages only.

CSAT Questions

The question paper has 100 multiple choice questions.

CDS Questions

1. A devastating cloud burst swept over on August 2010. Which one of the following statements with regard to Cloud Burst is not correct?

  1. Cloud Burst is a localized weather phenomenon representing highly concentrated rainfall over a small area in a short duration of time
  2. Cloud Burst occurs due to upward movement of moisture-laden air with sufficient rapidity to form cumulonimbus clouds
  3. Cloud Burst occurs only in hilly areas
  4. There is no satisfactory technique till now for predicting Cloud Burst

CDS Questions

1. Name the continents that form a mirror image of each other?

  1. North America and South America
  2. Asia and Africa
  3. Africa and South America
  4. Europe and Asia

CDS Questions

1. Over 90% of the world's biomass is in

  1. Tropical rain forest
  2. Freshwater wetlands
  3. Top soils
  4. Oceans

1. The price of an article is Rs. 25. After two successive cuts by the same percentage, the price becomes Rs. 20.25. If each time the cut was x%, then:

  • (a) x = 9
  • (b) x = 10
  • (c) x = 11
  • (d) x = 11.5